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About Kalymnos (Greece)


Kalymnos resides within the Aegean Sea and sits beside some of the most well known islands such as Rhodes, Kos and Patmos. Visitor’s first impression of the island is its graphical scenery. Unlike many of the Greek islands Kalymnians have kept the traditional way of island living as well as incorporating modern standards of living.



Kalymnos has easy access all the year round. The island has its own airport and 35 minutes away by ship is the island of Kos where there is an international and charter airport. The harbor of Kalymnos has daily ships to Piraeus Athens and Rhodes Island. Also frequent trips are made to neighboring islands such as Leros, Astypalea and Patmos from the harbor.

Kalymnos has many primary and secondary schools as well as colleges. The island has a full equipped hospital which entails specialists in all its sectors. It also has external clinics that are equipped with a physician for each particular department. Many supermarkets are located in close vicinity of the residential areas. The local citizens are warm people that have incorporated their friendliness as a way of life. Kalymnos welcomes tourists with its lively atmosphere and locals maintain its liveliness all the year round.

The island of Kalymnos has a long history of Sponge Diving and has many museums which show the natural sponge farming process. In the past few years the locals have begun concentrating on the other characteristics of their island for attracting tourists such as the diving and rock climbing. The crystal blue water that surrounds Kalymnos provides a rich diving environment which attracts interests’ from tourist all the year round. For the Dodecanese Islands Kalymnos holds the best Diving Schools for whoever has a love for the sea depths. Mountains have been sculptured perfectly for mountain climbing, tracking, hiking and even has roads for cycling all the year round. Like most of the islands in Greece, it need not be mentioned that fishing is a common hobby for the locals and tourists. There are many other dynamic water sports available most months of the year. Kalymnos is a very active corner of the Greek Islands and a great place to live!



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Why would someone buy property on the island of Kalymnos? Investment: With the increasing interest in properties on Greek islands, Kalymnos can be an attractive investment opportunity, with the prospect of future property value appreciation. Additionally, every year substitute teachers come to the island, and with the installation of the AEN, there is high demand for long-term property rentals. Seasonal Living: Some choose to own property in Kalymnos as a seasonal residence, allowing them to enjoy life on the island during the summer or other seasons, such as Easter in Kalymnos, which is well-known throughout Greece! Water Activities: Kalymnos is famous for spearfishing and rock climbing. Property on the island can serve as a base for those involved in these activities, offering an escape from the routine of daily life. Tourism: Kalymnos is a popular tourist destination, with its beautiful nature, history, and culture making it an attractive spot for tourists. Property in Kalymnos can be used as an investment opportunity in the tourism sector! Scenery and Nature: Kalymnos offers stunning natural beauty with its azure bays, cliffs, and beautiful beaches. Property with a view of the sea or mountains can provide a unique experience of tranquility and relaxation. It's now a fact that we have become disconnected from nature; stress, routine, and the fast pace of life have serious consequences for our health and psychology. Better quality of life and slow living are now goals for many people. Overall, Kalymnos offers a unique combination of nature, culture, and water activities, and for these reasons, someone might choose to own property on the island.